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EIZO kicks out adjustable 19-inch FlexScan S1931-SE LCD

Darren Murph

EIZO is fleshing out its already robust lineup of diversified 19-inch LCDs by offering up the FlexScan S1931-SE. The display boasts an "EZ-UP" stand which makes raising and lowering the monitor to match your comfort level a breeze, but manages to sport otherwise uninspiring specs. It rocks a 1,280 x 1,024 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 280cd/m2 brightness, 8-millisecond response time, and a set of not-exactly-skull-rattling 0.3-watt stereo speakers. The company showcases its "178 degree viewing angle" and built-in "BrightRegulator" -- which apparently adjusts the monitor's brightness setting based on surrounding light levels -- and it also offers up a pair of DVI inputs and one VGA port in the connection department. The S1931-SE will be available overseas for ¥69,800 ($594) later this month.

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