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LG's KE800 Chocolate Platinum: the KG800's and KV-6000's pretty baby


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Mmm, yummy leaked photos of LG's Chocolate v2, otherwise known as the KE800 Chocolate Platinum, unofficially that is. While it certainly shares the looks of the LG KV-6000 Black Label II slider, this model goes tri-band 900/1800/1900 with GPRS (like the KG800) and now EDGE data while doubling the internal memory to 256MB and packing a bigger 2 megapixel shooter with autofocus and macro mode. What's more, you get an FM radio to accompany that media player supporting MP3/AAC/AAC+/AAC++ and WAV formats along with microSD expansion and Bluetooth stereo support to make this is viable music phone. All these bumps yet it measures a scant 9.9-mm / 0.39-inch thin compared to its relatively chubby 15.2-mm / 0.69-inch VZW Chocolate cuz. No word on where or when but without the 850MHz band, we're happy to wait for this to go quad, right Cingular users?

[Via Phonearena]

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