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Mahru II, the bastard stepson of the Hulkster?


Can you hear it? That's Hulkamania turned up a notch with the release of the KIST's latest, the Mahru II. Apparently the glass-jawed Mahru I never made it out of the steel cage match... damn you Randy Savage! Enter II who not only busts a mean "most muscular," but can bow down and greet his opponents and then dance (on their carcass) after chasing 'em around the ring at almost one foot per second before dropping a pneumatic Hogan Hammer. And don't be tempted to jaw at Mahru II from the audience -- he features the ability to recognize both voices and faces regardless of whether you are sitting still or pelting him with you favorite beer-flavored beverage. And just like any smart wrestler, he can be controlled by his manager (over the network) from behind the curtain. So go ahead, kick back and work that tan Mr. Terry Gene Bollea, you deserve the rest.

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