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Motorola launches Bluetooth-enabled T605 handsfree system

Darren Murph

With the popularity of handsfree systems on the rise (not to mention the "dangers" of driving with one hand), Motorola is jumping on the bandwagon with its T605 Automotive Music and Handsfree System. After a presumably tricky DIY install in your whip, the T605 automatically syncs with your Bluetooth 2.0-enabled cellphone and utilizes A2DP in order to channel both phone calls and audio from your mobile to your stereo. For cellphones without Bluetooth audio functionality, the T605 module boasts a standard 3.5-millimeter input jack, so tunes from your iPod or DAP-of-choice can stream through your car without the need for a questionably functional FM transmitter. Similar to OEM units, Motorola's device actually pauses the music when it detects an incoming call, and picks up where it left off when your conversation is complete. Although no pricing information is currently available, you'll be hearing more about the T605 system in "the first half of 2007."

[Via PhoneScoop]

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