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Pink leads trio of new PSP colors in Japan


Sony's pulling a Nintendo. Hoping to boost holiday sales, the company will parade around three new PSP colors in Japan.

On November 22, Sony will release a pink PSP, along with matching PlayStation 2 -- also released in Europe. Pink will be followed by silver on December 14, and then by metallic blue a week later. All three colors will retail for ¥20,790 ($178) and come packaged with an AC adaptor and battery pack (no extras included).

The pink PSP will be accompanied by a series of accessories designed by popular Japanese fashion brand Samantha Thavasa, including a leather handbag with UMD and memory stick pockets (
¥15,750; $135), rabbit fur strap (¥8,925;$76), heart charm strap (¥8,925; $76) and tote bag with detachable pouch (¥26,250; $224). $224?! Well fellas, we just pray that your lady isn't a fashion-forward gamer...

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