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Requesting Feedback on the TUAW podcast

David Chartier

Unfortunately, we won't be having a podcast this week on account of some medical troubles of yours truly. In light of this void, however, we figured it would be perfect time to solicit some feedback on how we're doing so far. Do you want to hear more witty banter from the TUAW bloggers? More screencasts? Too long or short? Would you like more tips and tricks or commentary on current Apple events? We know sound quality is an issue, and we're working on it (I just picked up a Blue Snowball for you guys, and I'm trying to learn everything I can about how best to leverage it). If you need a review, check out our most recent podcasts: #11, #12 (a Quicksilver screencast) and #13, or simply subscribe to our iTS podcast feed or straight-up podcast RSS feed to get caught up.

So let's hear it: what would you like out of the TUAW podcast? Obviously, we'd like you to keep your requests realistic and constructive (i.e. - we're working on a Steve Jobs interview, but don't hold your breath), but we'll do our best to take your feedback to heart and make the TUAW podcast one of the best darn Apple-centric podcasts you can lay your ears on.

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