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Samsung's dual-personality SCH-W210 with S-DMB

Chris Ziegler

For some, "EV-DO Rev. 0 versus UMTS" and "EV-DO Rev. A versus HSDPA" are the eternal questions when it comes to picking one's 3G poison. Samsung, on the other hand, seems to be asking what we think is the right question: why not both? The SCH-W210 slider preferentially rolls on HSDPA for video calling goodness, but when roaming outside of the coverage area, EV-DO is used as a fallback (ha, EV-DO as a "fallback," that's a good one) so high-speed data is never too far away. Features include an S-DMB receiver, QVGA display, 2-megapixel rear and VGA front cams, microSD expansion, and TV out. We don't expect this thing to find its way too far outside South Korean borders, but we can dare to dream.

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