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Sony's MacBook Pro, the VAIO VGN-N17L


Hey, why does that 15-inch MacBook Pro say Sony on it? Ah, 'cause it's the new VAIO VGN-N17L. Not much is known 'bout this salute to Jonathon Ive, other than the photos were received by Akihabara News from Sony's South Korean office. Hey Steve, we think those kids might be laughing at you. See more incriminating evidence after the break.

While not the exact same model, the 15.4-inch VGN-N130G was spotted at Best Buy (thanks Josh) in a similar shell going 1.6GHz Core Duo with Intel 945GM graphics, 1GB of DDR2 memory, 802.11a/b/g WiFi, 80GB disk, and dual-layer DVD writer for $949. Oh and it's 1.6-inches thick and 6.8-pounds 'cause we know you'll want to compare. Hey, that sounds like the N-series. Well nice to see you from the front after all this time.

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