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South Park: Waiting for Wii is like "waiting for Christmas times a thousand"


TiVo tells me that "Cartman attempts to manipulate his personal time-line to align with the precise release date of the newest, hottest game." What "game" would that be? Hint: it's the one with motion controlled controllers. Nope, the other one. Yeah, the Wii.

The clever chaps behind South Park have once again shown that their ears are attuned to the off-rhythm beat of gaming (and internet) culture: Pokemon, PSP, Xbox 360, World of Warcraft, and now Wii-steria. Tonight's episode featured series favorite Eric Cartman pining for Nintendo's Wii which -- just like in our slightly better animated real world -- won't be available for another three weeks. So, what's a sleepless fanboy to do? Cryogenically freeze oneself of course! Unfortunately, Cartman finds himself five-hundred years in the future, in a world where atheists are at war with each other and video games don't exist anymore. This to-be-continued episode left out the remainder of Cartman's quest, so if anyone is planning on following this course of action, you may want to wait until next week to figure out how to get back to our time.

We've provided a brief transcription from the beginning of the episode after the break.

[Thanks for the image ElChibo!]

Eric: C'mon. C'mon! For the love of God, how much longer?!

Mrs. Cartman: There you are Eric, what are you doing here?

Eric: I'm waiting for the new Nintendo Wii to come out.

Mrs. Cartman: When does it come out?

Eric: Three weeks ... c'mon. C'mon!

Mrs. Cartman: It's time for school.

Eric: No mom! You don't understand. I've been waiting for this thing to come out for months, and now every day time is slowing down. It's like ... waiting for Christmas ... times a thousand.

Mrs. Cartman: Eric, you're just going to have to be patient.

Eric: No! Nooooo!

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