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X360F Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

Ken Weeks

When it comes to the Xbox 360 community, not all fanboys are created equal -- and neither are all pumpkins. We received around 20 entries in our carving contest and all of them (except for the odd photoshop fake) were better than the average jack-o-lantern. Richard and I would like to thank all the contestants for making this a competitive contest that proved Xbox 360 fanboys have Halloween spirit and artistic talent to spare. And special thanks to our prize sponsor for providing a copy of Gears of War to give away.

Without further ado, please view the official results of our 1st Annual Xbox 360 Pumpkin Carving Contest after the jump

1st Prize and a copy of Gears of War (courtesy of RockMeTV) goes to M3mnoch of Eagle, Idaho who garnered 279 votes with his detailed take on the GoW logo pictured above. CliffyB must be jealous of this guy's pumpkin skills.

2nd Prize and a copy of Xbox Live Arcade Vol 1 goes to lochdevon of Lutz, Florida who received 192 votes for his killer 47-O-Lantern. I really think this guy was a victim of his own success, because his all-natural pumpkin was so awesome people thought it was a photoshop job.

3rd Prize and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 goes to fulci zombi of Los Angeles, California who rounded out the top three with 133 votes for his 3D Locust. I love the "wrinkled" forehead.

Votes were tallied at 12am this morning as stated in the rules. Winners will be contacted by email. Next Halloween, we'll make a few changes to ensure less fakery. If you didn't win, don't worry. We'll be having more contests throughout the year.

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