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Breakfast Topic: That Makes No Sense!

David Nelson

There are some things that happen in the World of Warcraft that really, really require us to suspend any rational thought and just go with the flow. The fact that the game takes place in a fantasy world populated with Gnomes and talking cows makes some things a little easier to swallow, but there are many things that happen in the game that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

For example, there are bears who happen to be carrying around level 16 shotguns. Why is the bear carrying that gun? And why is the next bear carrying a mallet? How do you roleplay yourself out of that one? I mean, you could make an excuse the first few times, but when you loot your tenth weapon off a bear...well...that makes no sense at all.

Now obviously a lot of these kind of things are inherent in any videogame or MMORPG, but due to the size of the WoW and the amount of time we all spend in Azeroth, this stuff really does stick out after a while. What do you guys think? What is the most ridiculous thing we have come to accept as business as usual?

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