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Digital Cube's T-DMB-packin' Mini finally available

Darren Murph

Digital Cube is delivering more miniaturized fun from South Korea, as the NetForce's smaller sibling -- simply dubbed Mini -- is finally available for enjoyment. This miniscule portable media player measures just 3.17- x 2.05- x 0.65-inches and weighs only three ounces, but manages to pack a potent 2.4-inch LCD, MP3 support, video playback, and the obligatory T-DMB TV tuner within its presumably cramped confines. The handheld device rocks 1/2/4GB capacities, and also doubles as an e-book reader, text / photo viewer, and a surefire conversation piece. So go on, indulge in those pocket-friendly, TV viewing PMP desires for just €165 ($209) and up.

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