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Fortune says the Wii name is "scary"


It's a bit early to be doing a year round-up, but over at CNN/Money they published the "Scariest tech of 2006," Mwahahahah! Some things deserve to be called "scary," like exploding batteries. Yes, exploding batteries are frightening. X-Men: The Official Game also deserves mention on the list, that game was scary and painful.

That's about all from the really "scary" department. The rest of the list is more a showcase of greed and technological tragedy. They discuss the Window Vista security problems, unreliable VoIP service Vonage and the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Fortune senior editor Peter Lewis says, "l'll wait for some mad scientist in Japan to create The HD-DVD Player With Two Heads, able to play both new HD formats." Lewis, being a good editor, fence-sitting and keeping the peace.

And just to beat a dead horse, already rotted beyond its comedic expiration date, the Wii made #10: "Just for the name alone."

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