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Joystiq Poll: Where do you read Joystiq?

Kevin Kelly

We want to know where the magic happens. Where are you sitting when you hit the Joystiq bookmark and start reading? Do you have to keep it a secret, or do you brazenly do it out in public? Do you print it out and take it where your computer can't go? Is it your homepage? Inquiring minds and egos want to know where it all goes down.

Once all these consoles with built-in web browsers hit us, maybe we'll all be surfing Joystiq on our PlayStation 3s and Nintendo Wiis, but until then, let us know how you do it.

Where do you read Joystiq?
At work, hidden behind an Excel spreadsheet, 'stiqin it to the man.
On my home computer, hidden behind pr0n. If you're really brazen, side by side with it.
Mobile phone web browsing goodness for me, just like Paris and Lindsay.
At school when I should be studying. Unless this is research, then carry on.
Using my laptop on a WiFi network, where I can feel free to "offload" some waste material while I'm online.
Waitaminute ... read Joystiq? I only look at the pictures and spark flamewars! :)
[Thanks, crono141]

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