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The XBL microtransaction tracker


Microtransactions or: Death by a thousand paper cuts. Sure, it all seemed so innocent at first, but then we started having Oblivion horse armor, Kameo Uno decks and now EA's Need for Speed: Carbon shows up exploiting the system to its full and most disgusting potential -- oh wait, EA already did that charging for Madden tutorials. And how many are willing to pay and feed this exploitation?

A group of writers at GamerFeast created a microtransaction tracker and started keeping tabs. Guess who's the top offender? (The list after the break) They've also broken everything down in spreadsheet form to review with a fine tooth comb, if you wish. It's a great resource and know we'll be checking back in again soon.

The top 10 (MSRP + Content):

1. Need for Speed Carbon - $94.97 - Electronic Arts
2. The Godfather - $90.79 - Electronic Arts
3. Chromehounds - $83.73 - Sega
4. Tiger Woods 07 - $74.23 - Electronic Arts
5. Oblivion - $74.11 - Bethesda
6. LotR - Battle for Middle Earth II - $68.74 - Electronic Arts
7. Prey - $59.99 - 2K Games
8. Call of Duty 2 - $54.98 - Activision
9. Lego Star Wars II - $52.49 - Lucas Arts/TT Games
10. Kameo - $39.99 - Microsoft

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