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Breakfast Topic: Improve Your Class

David Nelson

I saw this post at Paladin Sucks pointing to a thread in the forums where apparently someone makes five incredibly bad (at least in the opinion of our pally elitist friends at Paladin Sucks) suggestions to make the paladin class perfect. The poor fellow gets flamed, but I did like the idea, and I certainly think I could one up that misguided pally in the bad suggestion department.

If you could make some stupid, ridiculous changes to your favorite class, what would they be? And don't worry about balance or how it would fit into the game, as that would make your suggestions one heck of a lot less entertaining. I think for my warlock, I'd like...

1. Instant Fear
2. The ability to summon a druid, and even though they could DPS or tank, I'd command the druid heal me 100% of the time. I would like the option to name this druid "Healbot". Your healbot levels up whenever it runs away to find the Azeroth equivalent of the forums to make a "Fix my class" post.
3. Instant Fear
4. I'd like to be able to summon anything, from anywhere. I want to summon Ragnaros to Onyxia's Lair and just check out the carnage.
5. Instant Fear.

I am 100% confident that my suggestions would destroy all of the balance in the game, which was kind of my plan. What about you guys? If you could empower your mage or warrior with super abilities, what would they be?

Oh, and I am just kidding about the druids. You know I love me some heal cows and sexy elf women.

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