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DKs disappear in December patch

Mike Schramm

As you may or may not know by now, we've been told that DKs will be removed in the Burning Crusade. In fact, since that's as core a change as they come, Neth has revealed that DKs will most likely be bye-bye by December, when the next patch hits. "Most likely," she says, because it's not completely guaranteed that what's on the beta servers will make it to the live ones, but based on Neth's repeated comments, things look pretty good for this one.

And for at least one player, that means it's time to go crazy. Peegee on Arthas has promised to make Mulgore his personal ganking ground. Most players agree that DKs make any sort of World PVP all but impossible, but you have to remember why they were implemented in the first place: to keep PVPers away from quest and trainer NPCs that lowbies need around to level. Sure, you may think that implementing DKs wasn't the best way to solve that problem (I sure do), but you have to admit that since DKs were brought into the game, lowbies have always had their quest and trainers NPCs around to talk to.

In the first thread, Neth says that the devs do realize that, at first, a lot of players will be making up for lost time when DKs disappear again. For at least those first few days, I would imagine that the Crossroads might be a little overrun with overzealous Alliance. But then again, Neth says adjustments will be made "when necessary," so maybe the devs have something else up their sleeve-- maybe some NPCs will be invulnerable or, as a few players suggest, have "spirit stand-ins" to return quests even while dead. At any rate, start sharpening those swords-- as of the next patch, here's hoping it's open season on NPCs again.

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