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Electronics Arts announces many upcoming/future titles

Nick Doerr

Electronic Arts has gone on record... about its upcoming titles. Most importantly are two of their more high-profile games -- Crysis and Army of Two. Let us recall briefly that the former is a pretty crazy looking shooter for the PC (although they've gained quite an ego... and change their minds a lot) and the latter is the hotly anticipated co-op game for the PS3 and 360. These games are now slated for a fiscal year 2008 release (after this coming March of '07). So... if you're really pumped for these games, we apologize, but your waiting will have to continue a bit longer.

EA's CFO, Warren Jensen, confirmed also many beloved franchises do indeed have sequels in the works. First up, Sims 3. Probably for fiscal of 2009, says the big man. Also, there's a Wii-specific (Wiicific?) Sims title also in the works. In the same vein, and not overdoing real-life simulation at all, is a Sims 2 Holiday Edition due out fairly soon for the PS3 -- hopefully this holiday season. Aside from Sims? Well, there's a SimCity coming up! Oh, and also another Lord of the Rings game and the next-gen realization of the over-hyped-but-still-decent Black. Well fellows, any of these really get you curious or anxious?

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