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Gurumin to feature accomplished VAs


Tara Strong, voice of Final Fantasy X's Rikku, joins a surprisingly strong voice acting cast for the upcoming PSP RPG Gurumin. Other VAs include Amber Hood (Psychonauts), Dee Bradley (Viewtiful Joe), Kim Mai Guest (Metal Gear Solid), Robin Atkin Downes (Prince of Persia), and more. The voice acting will be directed by Kris Zimmerman, the voice director of all the Metal Gear Solid games (all of which feature excellent voice acting).

It's great to see a PSP RPG finally get some solid voice acting. We've had way too many quests with minimal voice acting-- hopefully, publisher Mastiff sets a standard for all PSP RPGs to come. We'll have more on the ultra-cute Gurumin in the future.

[Via GameDaily]

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