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iVue case replaces your iPod's hard outer shell


With all the iPod cases out there it's getting hard to stand out in the crowd. The iVue Crystal Case from iPodMods doesn't try to compete with all those other cases. It aims to make them unnecessary. the iVue is a see-through shell that replaces the entire front of your iPod, showing off your iPod's internals iGuts. It will come in clear as well as several translucent colors. Although there's no info on the iPodMods site right now, the cases are expected to be available for video iPods and iPod nanos before the end of the year, with additional iPod models supported soon after and pricing is expected to be $20-$35 with free installation when you ship your iPod off to them. Hopefully there will be a self-install option as well, but there's no mention of that so far

I don't know about you, but I am digging the naked iPod concept. Clear is the new black.

[via iLounge and Uncrate]

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