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New Smash Bros Brawl trailer flaunts combos, Fox

Ross Miller

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for Smash Bros Brawl from Nintendo World 2006 that shows off less special move, more combo-driven gameplay. The footage is more than likely not in-game, but let's assume that similar ideas are planned for the final product. All the known characters get some screen time, and new stages such as "Mario Circuit," which is reminiscent of the F-Zero level from Smash Bros Melee. Solid Snake's stage, purported to be designed by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, is also revealed. One stage is shown as destructible.

New characters Wario, Meta-Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, and Solid Snake get their chance to shine. Snake, in particular, is shown sneaking in the prone position and pulling off some fast punches and kicks before pulling out a rocket launcher for the finale. The emphasis of combos and air combos should appease fans worried by comments made by director Masahiro Sakurai (and translated by forum posters) that hinted the title may be more simplified than its predecessor.
After the title screen crawl, Fox McCloud is unveiled as another character in the Smash Bros Brawl lineup, bringing the known lineup to 10 characters.

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