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Optimus 103 Keyboard: driver free for portabilitee


It's hard work to keep the juices flowing for a product whose design struck our Pavlovian bell more than a year ago. Especially when all we're getting is a picture of a single, non-OLED prototype key released just last week. That (LCD?) key will hopefully, someday, replicate itself a la the grey goo and become the Optimus 103 keyboard, you know, the wireless slab which features 113 103 contextual keys which can be mapped to different functions within applications or simply act as animated, informational widgets. We've just learned that the device will appear to your system as a USB mass storage device with all those custom mappings stored right in the keyboard. That should allow you to take the keyboard anywhere, to any PC, with your application specific layouts in tow without the need to install any pesky drivers. Promises, promises. *blots mouth*

[Via SlashGear]

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