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PS3 XMB walkthrough reveals updated Flash client for PSP


Our sister site Engadget has been giving its readers an extensive look into the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3. We've seen the sleek PSP-inspired XMB of the console before, but this goes into a lot more depth about the system's functionality. Interestingly, a Sony employee talks casually about a new Flash player in the PSP browser in a future, unreleased firmware, at around 12:20 in the video. With the firmware upgrade, PSP owners will be able to watch Flash videos used on sites like YouTube, and here at PSP Fanboy.

This makes us very happy. When this firmware upgrade happens, you'll be able to watch all the videos we put up here when you access PSP Fanboy through the PSP (via Hopefully, the PS3 launch later this month will reveal even more functionality for our system.

[Thanks, Jess!]

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