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South Florida GameStop nabs first Wii demo kiosk

Darren Murph

Ah, the time must be drawing nigh, as we've just seen our first report of that heavily-guarded Wii demo kiosk being fully assembled and ready for play. As expected, Wal-Mart didn't get first dibs on this bad boy, but a South Florida GameStop is already giving eager Wii users a go at Excite Truck. The stipulation? You've reportedly got to hand over your keys and / or driver's license to even sniff the untethered (albeit proudly labeled) Wiimote, and your collateral is promptly returned once you prove you aren't walking out with any GameStop property. Initial hands-on reports suggested that driving vehicles with the newfangled controller took about three rounds to master, but it wasn't too long before gold medals were flying off the shelf and extra rides were being unlocked. If all this sounds like fun and games to you, be sure to hit the read link for a few more photos and the 411 on the lucky location.

[Thanks, Anmol]

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