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Five megapixel Sanyo S50 hits Germany for €100

Cyrus Farivar

For everyone out there who's trying to save their pennies for that new PS3, but still wants a good deal, you may want to give this new Sanyo S50 a looksie, given that the €100 ($127) camera brings loads of solid features at a very low cost. What's packed inside that metal case? Well, a 5 megapixel CCD, 2.5-inch screen, 2x optical zoom and a f/2.8 aperture in wide and f/4.0 in zoom for starters. Beyond that, the software has an "extensive preview mode", allowing you to create a slideshow -- pretty rare for such an inexpensive camera. If that wasn't enough, Sanyo's happy to provide a little mirror adjacent to the lens, in case you feel like turning the camera on yourself to capture your own beautiful visage. Sadly, though, you can only get one at a Ringfoto Gruppe dealer in Germany -- the S50 will drop exclusively in Deutschland sometime this month.

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