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Pure's latest duo: the DX40 and Legato II DAB radios

Darren Murph

Our favorite European radio maker is back at it again, not too long after unveiling its Marshall-fied EVOKE-1XT, with a new duo of DAB radios for the UK market. The Élan DX40 is barely distinguishable from its more feature-packed sibling, the RV40, aside from its noticeable lack of ReVu time-shifting abilities. It still sports the Intellitext / textSCAN features for pausing and controlling associated text, comes "ChargePAK" ready if you'll be needing 15 hours of on-the-go DAB capability, RDS support, alarm, and a USB connector for "future upgrades." The Legato II mini-system is a more home-friendly offering, boasting dual 30-watt speakers, black / cherry / maple color choices, built-in CD player, SD slot for recording "hours of DAB content," wireless remote, six-line LCD, ReVu / Intellitext controls, USB connectivity, eletronic program guide, RDS support, and even MP3 playback via CD / SD card. Pure's retro-styled DX40 (click through for a photo) will set you back just £69.99 ($134), while the classy Legato II system will run you £349.99 ($668) when they each hit later this month.

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