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BC beta paladin changes


More interesting beta changes popping up this weekend -- Paladinsucks has brought to my attention some interesting paladin changes. Good news first -- Protection buffs! In addition to increasing the thread provided by Righteous Fury, Improved Righteous Fury now also reduces damage taken by 2/4/6% while active. And in addition to reducing the cooldown of Divine Shield, Sacred Duty also increases overall stamina by 3/6%. Nice!

However, one can't live on buffs alone... and these changes come with nerfs to the Retribution tree (previously reported, but just now going live in the beta). Crusader Strike's cooldown is once again 10 seconds and Vengeance once again provides only a 10% bonus to your physical and holy damage.

Paladins who want to be tanks are thrilled, while paladins who want to do damage or PvP are discouraged. (Well, that's putting it mildly, isn't it?)

Update: Clarified that the Retribution tree changes/nerfs had been announced, but were only now implemented.

[Thanks, Lavis!]

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