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LG's Dynamite, Pulse series to take India by storm

Chris Ziegler

Though decidedly less edible sounding than the vaunted Chocolates that have come before them, the old must always make way for the new, and so it goes for LG's new Dynamite and Pulse series handsets that are in the process of an Indian launch. Actually, with slightly lower MSRPs ranging from $111 to $222, these phones aren't destined to replace the Chocolate or any of its variants -- and thank goodness, considering that they're not exactly the lookers that the Chocolates are. Rather, LG has decided to stratify its offerings into different named groups by their price range and feature set. The KG200 and KG300 (both pictured above), offering goodies like video caller ID and FM radio recording, are members of the Dynamite series which will be the first to launch. Phones in the upcoming Pulse series will be positioned below the Dynamites with prices starting well below $200. Whether the new marketing scheme will find its way far beyond Indian borders is unclear, but with as many phones as LG tends to launch in the average quarter, we're all about reducing the confusion.

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