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Nerds rejoice - Warhammer screens & video released [Update 1]

Chris Powell

You know you're a pretty big nerd when screens of card-based battle games get you hot and sweaty, but I've kept my eye on Warhammer: Battle for Atluma ever since I got wind of its development. But now that I've seen what the game looks like, it just makes me want it all the more.

While it's plain to see Warhammer isn't pushing the PSP to its limits in the graphics department, the cards do show some nice artwork and the game seems straight forward enough.

You better get ready, because the game's coming out Nov. 14. Now I just need to find someone else as nerdy as I am to play some wireless multi-player!

[Update 1: IGN just posted a video revealing how incredibly boring this game looks. You sure you still want this, Chris? - Andrew]

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