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Child's Play 2006 commences [update 1]

Ross Miller

The fourth annual Child's Play charity event has now begun. The fundraising, toy donation event was started by Tycho and Gabe, the creators of Penny Arcade, in 2003 and has since raised almost $1.2 million in donations and more than 53,000 toys and games. Last year alone, Child's Play collected $605,000.

All donations from the drive go towards sick kids in children's hospitals. Tycho has also expressed interest in expanding their support of H.O.P.E., the Hospital-based Online Pediatric Environment. Now is the time for everyone to give to charity.

If you're the kind of person who wants something back, you can purchase a Child's Play t-shirt and all proceeds go towards the charity.

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[Update 1: As one commenter pointed out, Tycho and Gabe dissuade people from giving away old toys & games due to health risks. Took out that suggestion.]

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