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Gateway's NX570 series of Core 2 Duo 15-inchers


Gateway just unleashed a couple of new NX570 Core 2 Duo, "brushed metallic" laptops that won't break the bank. Going extra-large is the top-end 1.83GHz XL model which delivers a 15.4-inch, 1920x1200 display and 128MB ATI Mobility RADEON x1400 graphics while the lesser NX570X model throttles back on the clock and resolution by dropping the proc to 1.6GHz while trimming the pixels to just 1280 x 800. Both models can be equipped with up 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a multi-format dual-layer DVD burner, 4/5/6.5-hour battery options, and SATA disk from 80-120GB spinning at 5400RPM or 80/120GB disks goin' all out at 7200RPM. The wedge measures between 1.31~1.4-inches thick while weighing in at 6.32-pounds when configured with standard, 4-hour / 6-cell battery. Available now with prices starting at about $900 on up to a bit more than $2000 fully spec'd.

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