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Gymkids busts out Step2Play, frustrates lazy children

Darren Murph

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While it's no surprise that children are gaining weight at an alarming rate these days, there's always the Dance Dance Revolution workout or the entirely more evil MealpayPlus route, but now Gymplay is offering up a fitness-based middleman to keep kids' heart rates up while gaming away. Crafted solely for Sony's now antiquated PlayStation console, the appendage acts as a liaison between the controller and your system, requiring the child (or adult, actually) to continually exercise at an "adjustable rate" determined by the lieutenant parent in charge. The Step2Play will only allow the controller to function if the youngster onboard is keeping those paddles moving at a satisfactory pace, and supposedly targets the "calf and leg muscles" -- but we can envision a good bit of hostility being created when little Johnny finds this accessory waiting under the tree. Although we can't imagine any sane child enjoying this torment as much as the (presumably staged) children are in the photo above, you can give your offspring the gift of motivation for a staggering £115 ($218).

[Via Uber-Review]

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