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HTC brings the "close" back to Pocket PC close buttons

Evan Blass

Anyone who's ever made the switch from Palm OS to Windows Mobile goes through the same series of feelings: the initial thrill of being able to keep several applications open at once, followed by the intense frustration of finding out that the little red "X" in the corner doesn't force an app to actually quit. Microsoft has publicly stated that this "feature" exists because users shouldn't have to manage their own memory, and while this is an admirable goal, it doesn't take into account the fact that some folks may actually want to decide what's running and what's not. Most of us have gotten around this annoyance by installing third-party software that brings additional functionality to the close button, but that won't have to be the case for long, as HTC has announced plans to add the same option to all future devices running AKU 3.2 and higher. The HTC Task Manager will allow you to end running programs with either a single tap on the close button or a tap-and-hold, although it's not clear if you'll be able to map this feature to a hard button a la Pocket Plus. Still, this is definitely an encouraging development for Pocket PC users, and hopefully one that other manufacturers will take notice of -- or preferably, Microsoft.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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