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New Loco Roco & Final Fantasy VII demos to arrive in time for holidays


We PSP fanboys love to play demos. We've been blessed with a plethora of demos for Loco Roco, but it seems like they're not done quite yet. A key observer on the PlayStation forums noticed that YourPSP described plans on releasing a Christmas-themed demo of Loco Roco to supplement the Halloween demo that came out about a week ago. Considering how the game is about eating everything in sight, wouldn't a Thanksigiving themed demo also be appropriate?

Another noteworthy demo to come out later this year is the highly anticipated PSP-exclusive Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Jeux-France reported about a week ago that an issue of Famitsu reveals the producer's intentions to have a playable demo available by the end of the year. If it comes around the time of the other Loco Roco demo, it seems like PSP fanboys will have a lot of free demo playing on their hands this holiday season.

[Via PlayStation Boards & 1UP Boards]

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