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THQ profits up, gamers have cause to celebrate

Justin Murray

THQ has recently released their second quarter results, and shareholders should be happy. THQ's quarterly sales have increased by more than 50% from $142.7 million to $240.2 million. The improvement in net income is something to celebrate as well; THQ pulled a $12.6 million profit this quarter compared to a $1.4 million loss last year. While this is nice for anyone holding THQ shares, what does this mean for gamers?

THQ has specifically named Company of Heroes, Metacritic average of 94% and Saint's Row, Metacritic average of 81%, as the key reasons for the boost in income. Gamers should rejoice when a gaming company posts gains in profits on the backs of original software, as opposed to licensed title shovelware. Posting profits on original titles could push further development of new titles.

Do you think THQ's profit boost on fresh ideas will convince other game companies to try the same? Or will THQ's success go ignored, continuing the long standing practice of selling formulaic games for quick profits? THQ did show strong sales with Cars, so until licensed games stop selling, publishers will still place their money in the safe investment.

[Update 1: Big math mistake fixed]

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