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How to get your PS3 from Play-Asia

Nick Doerr

First off, click here. Look at the listings. Look. PS3, add to cart. You know you want to. Let's back up a step for a minute here. Play-Asia has listed 20GB and 60GB PS3's for sale and you know what? The prices are much more understandable than the alternative (eBay... sometimes. Got an interesting story on that in an hour), going for a clean $1000 for the 60GB and $900 for the lower end. If you don't grab the 60GB, you're really wasting money if you ask us. But then again, there's no telling what the inventory is or will be for either.

The release date, as should be expected, coincides with the Japanese release, so technically, if you do some crazy overnight air, you could get your PS3 a few days early. Recall that the region encoding nonsense is the same for Japan and the US, so the PS3 units are really the same. At the very least, you can snag an extra SIXAXIS since stores might not get too many in (or else they'll get way too many... not sure yet). This is good news for those of us who couldn't go out and grab a preorder and for those who don't want to camp out the night before. Anyone considering this option?

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