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IBM's S3 security system may head to the US-Mexico border

Cyrus Farivar

IBM's decided that it's had enough of making traditional processors, and instead will head further into the lucrative military and law enforcement business. Big Blue just announced today that it's begun selling the "Smart Surveillance System," or S3. According to Reuters, the new system is able to record video feeds and the analyze the information gathered, sounding an alarm when it "identifies suspicious activity." CNET also reports that IBM is in talks with the federal government to put an S3 along the US-Mexico border. According to IBM, the Feds are "doing backflips" every time they see the S3, which apparently can index and search videos based on specific objects and/or actions. We're still not sure if this is a better system than that web-based border cam setup down in Texas, but perhaps the S3 can spy on those Texan cams to make sure they're getting the job done.

[Via Slashdot]

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