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Metareview - Gears of War (Xbox 360)

Blake Snow

Positive review scores; Epic's Gears of War for the 360 is getting them in spades, and not just with the early birds. The game is being pitched as a tactical action/survival horror third-person shooter heavy on the co-operative side. Oh, and from what the reviews have implied, you've never seen better console graphics before. With a current average review of 95/100, here is some launch day praise for the game:

  • DailyGame (90/100): "It's not nearly as epic as we would have liked, but the gameplay provides some fantastic moments and introduces some new aspects to a mainstream shooter. The graphics and online co-op are simply phenomenal."
  • IGN (94/100): "There is a healthy learning curve to the cover system, but those who master it will find Epic's twisting and turning and rolling an exciting change-up in the shooter genre, a blend of fast-arcade action and basic, tactical maneuvering. The Insane difficulty level gives Gears legs months after you've finished the relatively-short campaign, and even with a friend it is an impossible, irresistible challenge."
  • Game Informer (95/100): "This is one of the best co-op games I have played, especially when you crank the difficulty past Casual and up into the Hardcore and Insane levels. Working with your buddy to flank and outwit the enemy is a blast."
  • 1UP (100/100): "Each stage is memorable...They all combine for an unforgettable adventure through 36 hectic, desperate hours of a group of soldiers' lives...A visual and visceral masterpiece."
Good to see the game living up to the hype. Nice work Epic, and it should be interesting to see how well this golden title can keep eyes turned to the 360 in a post Wii and PS3 world later this month.

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