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Sony's NW-S600 and NW-S700 DAPs reviewed

Cyrus Farivar

Remember Sony's new sultry super-slim music players? Well, a French site called Génération MP3 has gotten a hold of the NW-S600 (1GB) and the NW-S700 (4GB), and found that while the players may look similar, they're indeed different, with the higher-end model bringing noise-canceling headphones and an FM tuner as well. But while the players might look and even sound great, the site found some significant flaws with the S700, and some related problems on its slightly stripped-down sibling. First, on the S700, the headphone jack is proprietary, forcing you to use the standard noise-canceling MDR-NC022 headphones. While the reviewer admits that the MDR-NC022 headphones do sound good, you're stuck with 'em. Further, both players transferred data very slowly: 166MB in 175 seconds, or 0.9MB/sec, leading the site to wonder if in fact Sony was using USB 1.1 instead of the speedier USB 2.0. GMP3 gave the players a three (out of five) headphone rating, citing the solid sound quality as pretty much the only thing they have going for 'em.

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