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Exclusive Target Wii DVD for only a penny

Kevin Kelly

Joystiq was checking out the games section of Target today, and we stumbled across a massive display of these Wii DVDs, stuck in the middle of the Wii accessories rack. It looked like a freebie, but the cashier told us it was a penny. Then she boggled at the price on screen and asked a manager. The manager was also puzzled, then shrugged her shoulders and said, "Wow. A penny?" Four dollars later, it was ours (we bought some beef jerky).

What do you expect for a penny? What you get is a white plastic (did Nintendo just get tired of colors or what?) DVD snapcase (hey, that's worth a penny at least), and inside is a disc emblazoned with GAME TRAILERS ONLY -- GAMES NOT INCLUDED. Well, dur. We feel sorry for the poor sap who races home with this thing, and then not only discovers that the Wii won't play DVDs, but they don't even have a Wii because it hasn't come out yet.

Anyhow, it's a nice collection of trailers, behind the scenes videos, and screenshots for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Check out the doppelgangers from The O.C. in the video after the jump playing Marvel and tossing popcorn around. You too can party like this, just hook yourself up with a Wii and wait for the party to go off the chain. Plus, you'll get to use the line "Hey, wanna check out my Wii?" over and over again.

If you want to pick your own up at Target, here's what to look for. If you don't want to pick one up at Target, check your local trash bin.

Yes, you too can "Live the Game" -- by, er ... watching it on a DVD.

The behind the scenes video is actually not too shabby. But check out the Wii Trailer for this one in the video above. Somewhere, a Gap commercial wants its cast back.

More or less ho-hum stuff that's been out on the interwebs for awhile.

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