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Genji has "tired gameplay" says first IGN PS3 review

Blake Snow

IGN has reviewed their first PS3 game, Genji: Days of the Blade (think historically accurate crab battles), saying the title gets things half right and half wrong. The 6.0 review (half right, why not 5.0 then?) cites "gorgeous" graphics with gameplay that just doesn't live up to next-gen expectations. The assessment also reminds us that it takes more than graphics to "play beyond."

You could read the entire review, but the first paragraph sums the game up nicely: "Next-generation consoles exist to deliver game experiences the previous generation could never deliver. That's their sole purpose in this life. So when a game comes along offering a strange mix of cutting-edge visuals but also tired gameplay, one can't help but feel a little cheated."

[Ed. note: Ooookay, now you can let out all those "MASSIVE DAMAGE" and "real-time weapon change" jokes you've been bottling up for the last thirty seconds!]

[Thanks, Matt]

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