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Metareview: Elite Beat Agents


The localized version of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! has finally hit our shores and, as Elite Beat Agents, the player is charged with maintaining the super-cool, dressed-in-black stylings of the crew as they bust the most elite beats and kick it to save those in need. Apparently, if the critics are to be believed, in its overhaul from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! to Elite Beat Agents, they lost a little something, however reviews generally say the game is worth owning.

  • Gamespot - 89%: "Though there isn't much competition, Elite Beat Agents is easily the best rhythm game available for the Nintendo DS, and for that matter, it's easily one of the most randomly addictive experiences on the platform. The idea of just tapping circles in time with music while dudes in suits dance doesn't sound like much on paper, but the insane presentational components and enjoyable challenge the game puts forth do a lot to bring the whole experience together into something extremely playable. Those without a penchant for the unabashedly bizarre might find Elite Beat Agents to be a bit too much, but just about anyone else with a DS would do well to try this one out."
  • IGN - 95%: "Westerners who've played the original Osu! Tatake! Oendan! might end up a little disappointed that the Nintendo of America version might lack the kitschy Japanese flavor with its bandana-adorned personal cheerleaders and incomprehensible J-pop tunes accomodating the quirky, lost-in-translation stories. But even with new characters, popular Western tunes, and plots that actually make sense, Elite Beat Agents retains the awesome, addictive gameplay core. And let's be honest: the Elite Beat Agents are too cool for school and could kick those pansy bathrobe-wearing cheerleaders' asses any day of the week."
  • 1UP - 90%: "Import-geek protestations notwithstanding, Elite Beat Agents is here, and it deserves to be in every DS owner's library. Very few games can truly claim to be for all players of all ages, and this is one of them. With a delirious mix of slapstick humor, comic storytelling, infectious music, and tons of replayability, Elite Beat Agents is one of the best music-oriented games to date and stands among the cream of the DS's impressive library. Don't miss it."

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