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Silicon Image readies two new PC-ready HDMI transmitters

Darren Murph

Ok, so it's certainly not as flashy as Radiospire's wireless HDMI chipset, but Silicon Image has unveiled its latest pair of VastLane HDMI transmitters that reportedly provide "a single-chip solution for enabling PC manufacturers to drive digital output to PC monitors and HDTVs." Doubling up on the performance realized in the first generation of the product, the SiI1392-3 and SiI1932-3 can supposedly drive "any of the biggest, highest-resolution PC monitors" on the market, specifically mentioning Apple's own 30-inch behemoth. In a presumed attempt to get these sets onto motherboards of the future, the firm is releasing them at the same price point as their predecessors, which would hopefully lead to more "standard PCs" offering HD DVD / Blu-ray playback through HDMI. While specific pricing info wasn't available, Silicon Image has its new duo "available for testing," so it shouldn't be too long before these hit retail boards.

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