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Win Guitar Hero II, 'graphed by Dave Navarro

So, maybe the hardcore Guitar Hero thrashers that queued up at the LA Best Buy Monday night didn't care if it was Dave Navarro or Trogdor pimping the sequel to the hit rockstar simulator (groupies and crippling drug addiction not included). But that didn't stop us from getting him to autograph a guitar (and box), along with some Guitar Hero II posters.

Of course, we're going to give everything away to a handful of lucky readers. The rules are simple

  • Record a video of yourself playing Guitar Hero 1 (pizza suit optional)
  • Upload that video to Netscape with the tag "GH2contest"
  • Double check to make sure you tagged it right ... otherwise, no prize for you!
  • Vote on your favorite entries, conveniently compiled at
  • We'll give the autographed guitar and game to the entry with the most votes, while the two runners-up will each get a t-shirt and autographed poster
So, those are the entry rules ... but what about the fine print? Pretty simple: the contest will be open for three weeks, so you've got some time to get something together; you need to be a US resident (or at least know someone in the US who can receive your prize for you); and you need to own the video content you upload, you can't just submit something you found on the net.

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