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ZVUE's ZP3, the new definition of boringDAP


So, ZVUE has a new audio player out to compliment its lineup of chubsy PMPs, and while we're happy for 'em and all, we can't quite figure how they've managed to get so dang excited by such an incredibly boring DAP. The 512MB ZP3 player is just as feature-vacuous as it looks, featuring MP3 and WMA playback (we're guessing of the PlaysForSure variety, like its big siblings), a voice recorder, and a AA battery which promises a lizame 8 hours of battery. ZVUE is particularly proud of its inclusion of "30 of the top hits of 2006" as pre-loaded tracks on the player, but we're still not feeling it. Now, given the fact that ZVUE has a video player under the $100 mark, we're sure this thing will be priced plenty competitively when it's released this fall, but it might not make much of a difference when everybody and their mother bought a player with this feature set four years ago.

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