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3.00 firmware to miss PS3 launch


After weeks of speculation, we can finally report that the hotly anticipated 3.00 update will not be coming out during the PLAYSTATION 3 launch. Some have assumed that the firmware upgrade will occur in tandem with the Japanese launch of the system, happening less than two days from now. However, 1UP and IGN are both reporting that the firmware upgrade won't be coming until "the end of November." The upgrade will enable the impressive Remote Play functionality, and will make it possible for PSP users to play downloaded content from the PS3. There was no mention of a new Flash client.

The PLAYSTATION 3 will launch with a firmware upgrade, but for the next-gen console. First-time users will be required to upgrade their system firmware to 1.10 in order to access the PlayStation Hub. It seems like PS3 owners will get into the habit of upgrading their system software from day one.

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