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AutoDocker to make boarding and deplaning faster

Cyrus Farivar

Just about everyone has been in line while waiting to board a plane, and perhaps only the acrophobic have wished it wouldn't take so freakin' long. Well, if you're in Denver, you may just be in luck. Dewbridge Airport Systems is claiming that its new robotic passenger bridge, dubbed the "AutoDocker," (no relation to the khakis-bot) will halve boarding and deplaning time by placing walkways at both the front and rear entrances on a plane. AutoDocker has been using its sensors and 3D object recognition abilities on doors of different types of aircraft starting this week on United Airlines flights coming in or out of Denver International Airport. We're pretty sure that if AutoDocker were to combine with that new Airbus emergency landing robot we spotted earlier this year, then all we'd need now is robotic air traffic controllers to complete the mechanization of air travel. Yes, that was a joke about flight attendants being robots.

[Via Robot Gossip]

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