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Check Point intros ZoneAlarm Z100G wireless router


The security-minded folks at ZoneAlarm are branching out from their cozy nook in the software space into the wild world of hardware, with parent company Check Point announcing its first ZoneAlarm-branded wireless router. While it sure ain't pretty, the Z100G should keep you relatively safe behind its variety of security measures, including firewall, antivirus, and intrusion prevention, in addition to remote access VPN and secure remote desktop features. The router itself is a Super G number, promising speeds up to 108 Mpbs while still, of course, remaining compatible with regular 802.11b and 802.11g-based options, with a promised range of 984 feet indoors (right). Not surprisingly, you'll have to pay a bit of a premium over your run-of-the-mill router to get this one to watch your back, with the Z100G coming in at the $199 price point, although Check Point's knocked that down to $149 'till the end of December. Or you could, you know, buy a dd-wrt or OpenWRT compatible router and save yourself a bundle. Something tells us you're gonna be every bit as safe.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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