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Joystiq video: Xbox 360 Wireless Headset review

Kevin Kelly

We picked up one of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets and put it through the paces in a video review. It's been fantastic so far, especially when we've been fragging people in Gears of War. It's light enough that you hardly feel it (bringing you that much closer to the game! -- says Sony), and look ma, no wires! Seriously, we've tried to walk away to the phone, kitchen or bathroom with our old headset still connected more times than we can count. It's a little disconcerting when your controller goes skittering across the floor after you, tethered by the headset cord.

Anyhow, after a couple of days with this thing we still love it. A couple of minor complaints are that it uses a wall charger instead of a handy USB cable. With the Xbox 360 having so many ports, it would have been nice to have the option to charge it through the console. Also, the section of the headset that holds the earpiece on is slightly delicate. You have to be very careful when you change them out because there is some pushing and pulling involved. Other than that, it's a solid little sucker that you'll enjoy adding to your smacktalk arsenal.

It's a bit steep at $59.99, so stick it on a Christmas wishlist. Amazon has it for $49.99, which is the lowest price we've seen. It's worth trying to find a sale, even if it does make you look a little bit like Lando Calrissian's assistant dude.

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