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Nintendo makes poopsky Wii advertorials

Blake Snow

A recent issue of UK's Prima magazine featured a disturbing Nintendo advertorial (i.e. an advertisement pretending to be an article) pitching Wii to the non-gamer type. This thing is so misleading, we'll just note the worst and wallow in our discomfort elsewhere:

  • The feigned article vies to help individuals get fit while playing Wii. Umm, go work out or ride one of these...
  • "Turn off the TV and get active in your own home with the revolutionary Wii." Umm, keep that TV on so you can use the console...
  • The article suggests not to sit your children in front of a TV, but in front of the Wii instead. Umm, still not getting it...
They make the Wii sound like a happy weight loss social center filled with rainbows and sugar plums rather than the video game console it is. And BOOOO creepy Wii advertorial image. Hooray, gaming grandpa!

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